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Engaged at Black Sand Beach


Thanks to future bride Christina for this post:

“Scott and I both wanted to go to the black sand beach because we had never seen anything like that before! It was quite easy to find thanks to your map, with the exception of one wrong turn at the bridge. Scott had been swimming for the last 24 hours with the ring in a small pocket in his swim trunks. I think when he realized that we were all alone on the beach that he had found the right moment. I was completely surprised to see him pull out a ring, and couldn’t believe he had been snorkeling with it in the ocean! I had thought that it might be nice to get engaged in Puerto Rico, but I had totally talked myself out of it because I couldn’t fathom how he would figure it all out logistically!”

P.S. from Kathy: Scott mailed the ring to me so it would arrive one day before they arrived.  What a super organized guy.

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