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Once you arrive in San Juan,  you can either fly or take a ferry boat to Vieques.


It takes about an hour and a quarter to drive to Fajardo where you get the ferry boat.  the ferry takes about 1 hour and a quarter to arrive in Vieques.


The flight from San Juan International or the San Juan city airport takes about 25 minutes to arrive in Vieques.  The flight from Ceiba airport takes about 7 minutes.

Car Rental in San Juan

If also can  rent a car in San Juan and drive to Fajardo or Ceiba.  Car rental companies do not allow the rental car to be taken on the ferry and reservations are difficult to obtain.

Car  Rental in Vieques

There are many rental companies in Vieques that will rent a car, jeep or SUV.  Often you must reserve the car weeks in advance.    You do not need “Jeep”: any SUV will suffice to travel to the popular beaches.  The average price is $85 per day (some are less expensive).


Biking is a good “green” alternative to renting a car.   Link to Bike Rental information.

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