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Transportation around Vieques


There is a reliable Taxi Service which dispatches drivers to pick you up: call 787-741-TAXI (8294).   They will pick you up from the ferry dock or airport if you need to have a private, quick service. They will also take you to beaches or restaurants.  There are also public vans waiting at the ferry dock and airport if you do not arrive too late (late is after 6 PM). The private taxi price should be the same as a public van without other passengers.

Public Vans

Public vans will take you to most places in Vieques.   These vans say “Vieques y Sus Barrios” on the windshield (“Vieques and her neighborhoods”).  You can flag one down anywhere in the street, in which case you will pay $3.00 to go to most any residential area in Vieques (not all).  An additional 50 cents per bag may be charged.

Vans will be waiting at the ferry dock and airport to take you to Casa de Kathy.    Just tell your driver you are going to Casa de Kathy in Esperanza.

If you call the van to pick you up and take you to a destination without other passengers, you will pay $10 minimum  or $3.00 per person.

Some (not all) public vans will take you to the Wildlife Refuge beaches.  The average charge to go to Playa Caracas (Red Beach) is $30 round trip for 2 people or $40 round trip for 4 people.

Driving directions to Casa de Kathy from the ferry dock.

Here are a few reliable drivers of public vans and taxis:

Letty & her team of drivers: 787-741-TAXI (8294)

Angie 787-397-2048

Naty: 787-364-5911

Gabelin: 787-741-3024

Jorge: 939-253-7290

Gabriel – 787-242-4054

Coqui: 787-374-6820

You may have to call several drivers before you find one available so call at least an hour before the time you want to be picked up.  When calling or standing in the street for a van, pay attention to the ferry schedule.  When a ferry comes in to Vieques,  most drivers will be waiting at the ferry dock and will be available only after they finish delivering ferry passengers around Vieques.   Ferry schedule.

Kiani Tours

I highly recommend Kiani Tours, operated by licensed excursionist Letty Perez:  787-556-6003.   She offers a 3-hour tour of important sites and beaches for about $30 per person or less if you have several people.  She also can coordinate transportation for groups or trips to the beach.

Vieques Car Rentals

You do not need to rent a car if you stay in Esperanza, but it is helpful for going to the beaches inside the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge (the former Navy base) or for touring Vieques.    You can also go to many of the remote beaches by bike or taxi.  See a list of  beaches here.

In high season, cars must be reserved as far in advance as possible.   Often, you will not find a rental car available and will find that walking, biking or the public vans will be a very good options.  Fun Brothers at the waterfront in Esperanza rents motor scooters for about $60 per day. Bike rentals are also available in the

Most of the car rentals are local companies.  You can not bring a rental car on the ferry boat from the main island because it is not allowed by the rental companies and because it is very difficult to obtain a ferry reservation.

Acevedo’s Car Rental (Rte 201) – 787-741- 4380

Avis (Rte. 200) -787-741-0284

Chepito’s Car Rental (Rte 201) – 787-741-8691

Coqui Car Rental (Ocean View Hotel) – 787-741-3696

Maritza Car Rental (Rte. 201) – 787-741-0078

Island Jeep Car Rental (Blue Horizon Hotel – near Esperanza) – 787-741-3318

Island Car Rental (W hotel) – 787-741-8822

Vieques Car Rental (Rte. 200) – 787-741-1037

More companies may be found in this online Directory.


Casa de Kathy rents mountain bikes for $20 per day.   Reservations for bikes are not made until you arrive.   You can also get a bike at Blackbeard Sports for about $25 per day: 787-741-1892 or at JAK Watersports 787-644-7112 .

You can bike from Casa de Kathy to the Wildlife Refuge.  It takes about 45 minutes to bike to Playa Caracas (Red Beach) and about 20 minutes more to get to Playa La Chiva (Blue Beach).

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Casa de Kathy
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787-565-2717 (cell)

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