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Hike to Black Sand Beach


Kathy and Luvy

Today I went for a hike to Black Sand Beach with my dog Luvy.  I left  Casa de Kathy at 7:30 AM and walked to Coco Beach (Playa Cocal) and west along the south coast.   There are about four headlands of rocks that you have to pass so it is good to wear shoes that can get wet.  The walk is peaceful and you will pass many beaches good for beach combing (finding shells and sea glass). The coast is rocky and wavy.

As I stood on the 4th headland and looked west, I saw the very long sandy beach with orange cliffs.  That is Black Sand Beach.  In a very short distance I stopped where the river bed joins the coast because that is my favorite spot to swim because there is a sandy bottom.  I swam for about 10 minutes while my faithful dog Luvy watched.

There are patches of black sand all along this beach.    How much depends on the the movements of the sea.

Dry river bed that leads to black sand beach

Then I walked north up the dry river bed under a  wonderful tree canopy.  The total silence except for the birds is what I love about this walk.  In about ten minutes I arrived at the public road (201) where I took a right and headed back home.  This walk is nice in the morning because the road is shaded by all the trees.  Thanks for these photos of life along the river bed taken by my guests Theresa and Slava.

Lizard (anole)

Hermit crab

I got home at 9 AM – one hour and a half after I left.   What a great way to begin the day!

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  1. Ashlyn says:

    What a great story! Of the many times I’ve been to Vieques,I haven’t walked to black sand beach. Next time I will!

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