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Getting Engaged in the Bio-Bay

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Penny with her diamond ring

Penny with her diamond

The bioluminescence wasn’t the only thing making the bio-bay sparkle on the night of April 12th.   Dave made his surprise proposal for marriage to Penny while they were on a tour to the bio-bay.   It’s hard to get down on one knee when you are treading water and just as hard to get a ring out of a Tiffany’s box to present to your beloved.

The couple kayaked out to the middle of the bay and threw themselves into the luxurious glowing water.

Dave & Penny

Dave & Penny after engagement

Then Dave proceeded to ask  Penny to marry him and pulled out the box with the diamond ring from his bathing suit pocket.  But Penny wasn’t satisfied with that.   She wanted the ring on her finger then and there.  So, with much trepidation, Dave opened the box while treading water, slipped the ring on her finger and then planted a long kiss.

When they arrived back to Casa de Kathy, I was ready to hear the joyful story (Dave had already consulted with me on how to safely transport the ring to the bay).  I gave a big hug to Penny and took several photos of the happy couple.   May this engagement day

Dave proud of his proposal

be one of many happy memories that they create together.

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