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Fun can be very “taxing”

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The Vieques Cultural Festival was a great success on all “accounts”. All three nights (April 16, 17 & 18) it was well-attended and presented great typical Puerto Rican music, dance and puppet performances.   Food was sold to raise money for the students graduating this year and for the Relay for Life (cancer services).   My favorite food was the “relleno de platano” – a fried ball of mashed plantain with a center of ground beef.  The arts and crafts were very beautiful, as always.

So how does this get so “taxing”? On Saturday night I was happily bouncing in my seat to one of the many live bands, when, over the beat of the music,  I heard my name called from several seats away.  I was motioned to come over by Sandra, who I know very well from the Vieques Women’s Alliance.  Sandra, who is also the director of the local Revenue Office,  wanted to let me know that I had dropped off my tax return without signing it.   I thanked her and said I would be there to sign it after the weekend.  Kudos to Sandra for going above and beyond the call of duty on a Saturday night.   What a joy to live in Vieques where personal service is the norm and even filing taxes can be fun.

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