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Senor Suerte (lucky cat)


Today I found a home for the kitten that has been living for about 2 months in my driveway and more recently on my balcony.  I did not want to keep another cat because I already have two cats and a dog.

This kitten was special (aren’t they all).  He must have been domesticated before he came to my property because he was very affectionate and calm (despite the fact that Luvy chased him all over the yard).  One day he was missing and I thought Luvy (my dog) must have done him in.  But he survived and came back the next day.

I also must confess that I took him to the Humane Society yesterday to surrender him. But when I found out that they would have had to put him to sleep, I decided to take him back to my house.  (There was absolutely no room for any more cats.)  I appreciate very much the assistance I received from Aleda and Sheila at the Humane Society.  They helped me work through the dilemma I faced trying to decide whether to leave him or not.

On the way there and back to my house, I stopped in stores and people passing by on the street trying to find him a home.  No luck… so I brought him to my home again.  No luck… until today when Mamen Ventura came to do some repairs at my house.  I casually mentioned the kitten that was sitting watching us work.  And he said, “yes, I’ll take him home, we need a cat at my house.”

When he put the cat in his car, he jumped out. But Mamen scooped him up again.  As he was driving away, I yelled you should name that cat, Senor Suerte (Mr. Luck).   Now I am missing that cat but so very happy that he will be cared for.

Hope your day as nice as mine.


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