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The horses of Vieques


What a treat it is to live in Vieques and see the horses roaming the streets and beaches. They are wonderfully elegant animals.  They can be seen grazing at Sun Bay or at the former Navy compound in the west (Playa Almendra).  These are not “wild horses”  –  every horse belongs to someone.   They say in Vieques, the only time you find a “wild” horse is when the horse is involved in a car accident… then it will be hard to find anyone who claims ownership.  The Municipality is considering adopting policies that will help prevent these car unfortunate accidents.

Horses in the WestThere are a couple of horse clubs in Vieques.  Do not miss the opportunity to see the competition of pasofino horses and be dazzled by the melodic cadence of the horses hoofs walking down the long wooden plank for the competition.

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