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FAQ – The most frequently asked questions by visitors to Vieques.

Caracas (Red) BeachThe Beaches – There are endless stretches of beautiful beaches in Vieques.  Close to Casa de Kathy you will find Esperanza beach, Sun Bay, Media Luna Navio, Coco beach and many more.  In the Fish and Wildlife refuge you there are many beaches where you will find no one or only a few people.    Kathy will guide you to the best beaches for children, or for swimming or snorkeling.  See my guide to the Beaches.

The Bioluminescent Bay – Vieques is said to have the best “bio-bay” in the world.  Come and see for yourself.   You will take a magical tour with one of the many kayak operators or with Island Adventures, who takes you in an electric boat.   You will be taken to the middle of the Bay to swim.  Sparkling water will cover your body due to the tiny microorganisms which light up when they are moved.  I can recommend a tour company and help you with your reservation.   Most of the time reservations can be made the same day of the tour, unless it is a special holiday.  More on Bio Bay and the tour operators.

Playa de Arena Negra Vieques. junio 2009 (13)Nature and Adventure – Although many people are content to swim or lounge under a palm tree, you can also explore nature and be adventurous.  Many of my guests rent bicycles and take a look around Vieques.  Close to Casa de Kathy there are many options for hiking.  You can kayak to Cayo Afuera just a short distance from Esperanza beach.  Going a short distance east of Esperanza you can hike to Cayo de Tierra and reach a high cliff with a panoramic view of Sun Bay.  Going west from Esperanza you can also walk to our pristine black sand beach with its contrasting golden cliffs.   You might enjoy a walk to one of the many Vieques lagoons where you will sight many bird and egrets.   Riding down any road in Vieques, you will see our large variety of flowers and fruit trees.  Be sure to stop and ask the property owner for a piece of our abundant fruit.     The amazing history of colonial times comes alive when you make a visit to the Playa Grande sugar plantation ruins and imagine the life in this tenant farmer community.  Read more on Vieques where to visit to experience Vieques nature and historic attractions.

Museums and Culture – You must visit the Fuerte Conde de Mirasol, “the fort”, in Isabel II where you will find local art exhibits and exhibits of artifacts from the native people who used to inhabit Vieques.   Also in Esperanza, you will be fascinated to see the marine life exhibits housed in the Vieques Conservation and Historic Trust on the Malecon.  You will find our artisans in public places, especially on the Malecon selling arts and crafts and jewelry handcrafted in Vieques.

History of Vieques. Many visitors want to learn more about our history.  A visit to the Fort will be a must.  You can also read one of the dozens of books written about Vieques or by Viequense authors.  See the bibliography.  Many of these books are on sale at the Fort.   Casa de Kathy has many available for you to read.  For those who want a historical timeline, here is the 400 year chronology written by Robert Rabin, historian and the Director of the Fort.

“La Lucha” (the struggle”) – Vieques is famous world over not only for its beaches but also for being the only town anywhere to have closed down a US military base.  After more than 60 years of military target practices on the eastern end of Vieques,  in 2003 President Bush ordered an end to the bombing after hundreds of protesters had been arrested using their bodies as human shields to the bombing.

Follow the links below about the movement for “Paz para Vieques” (Peace for Vieques) which continues for a complete cleanup of the military toxins left behind and for quality health services for Vieques.

News from the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques.

Link to community news from “Vieques en Lucha” web site

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