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Beaches Near Casa de Kathy

Good Beaches within walking distance from Casa de Kathy

  • Esperanza Beach (7 minutes walking).
  • Sun Bay, Media Luna, Navio (between 20 to 60 minutes walking)
  • Coco Beach (7 minutes, for your safety, do not go alone).

Good Snorkeling within walking distance (also see my snorkeling guide)

  • Under the long pier in Esperanza
  • Cayo Afuera (Outside Key), the island in front of the restaurants, is the best close-by snorkeling. Rent a kayak or borrow my dive ring to avoid being hit by a boat.
  • Shore in front of the Malecon (get in at Bananas and swim west towards Trade Winds).
  • Coco Beach is west of the Malecon and has good snorkeling. It is best not to go alone to this beach. The waves can be rough at Coco beach so be careful.  You will need water shoes or fins to get into the water because if the rocks.

Black Sand Beach – See Kathy’s Esperanza map. Two hours to walk there and come back leisurely. Do not go alone.

Beaches in the eastern Wildlife Refuge (formerly the U.S. Navy base)

All the refuge beaches have pretty white sand and are good swimming and snorkeling.

  • Playa Caracas (renamed Red Beach by the Navy). Snorkel on the east side (left).
  • Playa La Chiva (Blue Beach). Snorkel on the east side of the big island in the bay and along shore on the sandy point in front of the island.
  • Playa La Plata (Silver Beach).

You need a car or bike to get to these beachesTaxis to Red Beach: $15 for two people each way, $20 for four. Taxis to Blue Beach: $45 up to three people. Not all taxis will go to Blue beach.

North & West Coast Beaches

Playa Gallito (just before the airport), the beach on the east side of the Mosquito Pier and the end of the pier, and Playa Arenas (Green Beach) are popular for swimming and snorkeling.

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