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Frequently Asked Questions about Vieques

What is your favorite beach and snorkeling spot?

There are so many beautiful beaches in Vieques – yet this is often asked by those visiting a short time.  So here is my best try at answering.  I like Sun Bay for a quick swim at the end of the day.  If I have more, time I like to spend the day on Playa La Chiva (Blue) or Playa Plata because there is great snorkeling (depending on the weather) at these beaches and these beaches have gorgeous white sand and turquoise waters.  Click here for my Beach Guide and my Snorkeling Guide.

Do I need a car in Vieques?

Staying at Casa de Kathy means you do not have to have a car. You can walk to many beaches. There is a variety store and a bakery one block away and the restaurants are on the oceanfront only a five-minute walk way. You can get to the Refuge beaches by taxi or by renting a scooter or bike right in Esperanza. Of course, those who want to explore far and wide or who have small children may want a car. In high season, you must reserve the car in advance.  See my Guide to getting around Vieques.

How can I learn more about Vieques History and Culture?

Check out this web site that was created by Kathy to share the issues that the community of Vieques is working on.

And also visit this link  for documentaries you can watch on-line.

Where can I buy fresh fruits and vegetables and other supplies?

Colmado Lydia variety store and the Sweet Esperanza Bakery is one block away from Casa de Kathy. If you do not find what you need there, then go to La Tienda Verde (The Green Store) at the entrance of Esperanza. See my neighborhood map for hours and locations. These stores will have most of what you need but fresh fruits and vegetables are in short supply in Vieques (and PR where 85% of the food is imported).  If you see fresh produce, buy it when you see it. Or travel to the bigger supermarkets on the north coast (one is in isabel II and one is on Route 200 about a mile west of Isabel II).   No matter where you shop, be aware that the shipment of food to the Vieques arrives on Wednesdays, so fresh produce may not be found in the stores on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Placita Reyes is a farmer’s market brought from the main island on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 am -4 PM and is located on Route 201 at the intersection of 200.  Or you contact Finca Consciencia, local organic farm which will sell you fresh greens: 787-502-4088. Email Ana if you want to order in advance:

What’s going on in Vieques?

Visit Vieques Insider’s Calendar.




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